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If you already love tennis and just want to get started - you can book by going straight to our Junior Coaching Schedule.  

BUT if you are still learning to love tennis then we would really like you to TRY TENNIS FOR FREE! Join any one of our existing classes (that has a space available) and give it a go! Please book a free taster session by contacting:

Melanie Short
07952 770882

Get the rest of your first month FREE

When you sign up to an i2c coaching programme you get the rest of your first month FREE. So, starting your new tennis classes early in the month could earn you up to 4 weeks of FREE classes. Another reason to love i2c tennis!

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Tennis for Kids

Tennis for kids is an initiative of the LTA and local tennis clubs across the UK. To enable kids to discover tennis local clubs are providing free 6 week classes and brand new Babolat rackets for 5-8 year olds who have never played tennis before. Let your kids fall in love with tennis, for FREE! Last year over 13,000 kids joined in across the UK!

When is it? Spring 2018

How do I book? You register online at the LTA's website

What else should I know? To provide encouragement and support for children in the Tennis for Kids programme we've launched the i2c Kids Club! Every week during the 6 week course we will email you information to help your kids get the most of our their lessons. That includes special games that help them to practice their new tennis skills, weekly activities that bring tennis to life AND special offers for extra free lessons and events. 

So make sure you book your Tennis for Kids course at an i2c venue! 


Great British Tennis Weekend

Try tennis for free this summer at a Great British Tennis Weekend event! Rackets and balls will be provided, so whether you’ve never picked up a racket before or you’re a seasoned regular – there is fun to be had.

When is it? Spring 2018

How do I book? A link will be updated on this site when it is confirmed



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